Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I want to know what democracy looks like, not what it smells like.

Sally Kohn on the new anarchism. Interesting piece, worth a read.


dilbert dogbert said...

Some things start with small inconsequential actions that look ineffective, say like setting yourself on fire. There have been a few of those lately.
When the balloon is limp and you stick it with a pin just a little air leaks our. When fully expanded you get the pop. I wonder if we will recognize when the balloon is at the popping stage.

dilbert dogbert said...

Take a look at the Teathuglicans in the House for what democracy looks like. Interesting.

Buce said...

Do they all smell of Brylcreem?

dilbert dogbert said...

As I remember: A Little Dab Will Do It.
Back at the undisclosed location and wishing I was back at Donner Lake.