Monday, November 14, 2011

Whitney Gets it Right

Princeton Undergraduate (WaPo)
Ari is taking up shunning, as in "shun Joe Paterno."  An early designee is one Whitney Blodgett III, identified as a Princeton undergraduate, the chap who greeted protestors last night by shouting "we're the one percent!"   Ari quotes a friend:
You really need to click the article to get a picture of this kid. He’s a freshman, by the way. Nothing like an 18-year-old Ivy League kid, who with a name like “Whitney Blodgett III” is almost certainly a legacy admit, lecturing people on the meritocracy.
Legacy admit?  Ooh, that's harsh.  And surely not deserved.  I wouldn't stake  my life on it but I'm pretty sure our Whitney is this guy, from which I surmise (a) that he's 6'5"' (b) that he is a champ at rowing; and (c) an alum of Lawrenceville School.

Golden Retriever (Wiki)
You know Lawrenceville?  The school that gave us Malcom Forbes,  John Gutfreund and Prince Turki bin Faisal Al Saud?  In short, nothing so paltry as ""legacy;" much better to think of Lawrenceville as the premier  finishing school, perhaps better obedience training academy for the seriously plugged-in.

No: it seems improper  to dismiss Blodgett III as a mere legacy, Much more tempting to identify as a golden retriever.  You know the type: loyal to friends and family; enjoys water sports; easily housebroken.  Some would say "dumb as pig iron" although here I suspect the comparison breaks down.  Clearly Blodgett III  is not too dumb to understand that he's been bred to a life of entitlement and ease.  And hey, he can compute percentages.  Of what golden retriever could you say that?


Anonymous said...

Sorry you didn't win life's lottery. That sucks.

Ebenezer Scrooge said...

A calumny on golden retrievers, I say! Goldens are rather weak on loyalty. Indeed, they are the most promiscuous of doggies--everybody is their friend, including the three-year-old who pulls their ears, and that nice Mister Burglar.

My canine comparison for Blodgett cubed might be the borzoi: elegant of appearance and breeding, a stone killer of lesser breeds by disposition, and melanin deficient. Oh yes, and dumb as a bag of hammers.

Anonymous said...

i don't have a lot of time (working 3 jobs, 90 hours a week, on one leg up hill, y'know) but rest assured, i'll be sporting that gawgeous blodgett jawline in the deepest, trolliest comments sections of the internet.