Monday, January 20, 2014

"Oh Listen, They're Playing Our Song!"

Overheard at Chez Buce.  The subject was the music of our youth.
--You remember Ralph Flanagan?
--Ralph Flanagan.  Big band.
--Never heard of him.
--Oh you remember.  He was big the year I was a senior in high school.
--I guess I was too young.
--Sammy Kaye, Blue Barron, Alvino Rey.
--Well I remember Sammy Kaye.
--Flanagan  has a Wiki page--oh wait:
As of August 19, 2010, Ralph Flanagan and his Orchestra were listed by EMI Music as a missing royaltor, which means that EMI have lost contact with the estate of Flanagan and his heirs and band members, and that royalty checks are being returned to the record company by the Post Office.
 Fame is fleeting.  Whereupon we cracked a bottle of bubbly and fired up a Nat King Cole CD.    Seemed to be some kind of bootleg from Mexico, with cha cha cha.

Footnote: why are so many of these big band guys from Ohio?  Flanagan was from Loraine.  Sammy Kaye was from Lakewood.    Blue Barron, Cleveland. Guy Lombardo came from London, Ontario, just across Lake Erie.   Alvino Rey was born in Oakland but the family moved back to Cleveland when he was two.  Evidently they wanted to guarantee him a career in big bands.

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