Saturday, November 12, 2016

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Change but a few words and one has a very contemporary document, setting
and cycle:

"Thirteen years ago we National Socialists were mocked and derided—today
our opponents’ laughter has turned to tears! A faithful community of people
has arisen which will gradually overcome the prejudices of class madness
and the arrogance of rank. A faithful community of people which is resolved
to take up the fight for the preservation of our race, not because it is
made up of Bavarians or Prussians or men from W├╝rttemberg or Saxony; not
because they are Catholics or Protestants, workers or civil servants,
bourgeois or salaried workers, etc., but because all of them are Germans.

"Within this feeling of inseparable solidarity, mutual respect has grown,
and from this respect has come an understanding, and from this
understanding the tremendous power which moves us all. We National
Socialists thus march into every election with the single commitment that
we will, the following day, once more take up our work for the inner
reorganization of our body politic. For we are not fighting merely for the
mandates or the ministerial posts, but rather for the German individual,
whom we wish to and shall join together once more to inseparably share a
single common destiny.

"The Almighty, Who has allowed us in the past to rise from seven men to
thirteen million in thirteen years, will further allow these thirteen
million to once become a German Volk. It is in this Volk that we believe,
for this Volk we fight; and if necessary, it is to this Volk that we are
willing, as the thousands of comrades before us, to commit ourselves body
and soul.

"If the nation does its duty, then the day will come which restores to us:
one Reich in honor and freedom—work and bread!"

A.H.  15.vii.1932

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