Saturday, January 05, 2008

Power's On

Ah, lights went on about 8 this morning, something like 24 hours after they went off. No harm here except some softened ice cream in the freezer (we kept our discipline and opened neither freezer nor ice box throughout the haitus). Oh, and to pick up a bunch of (small) downed limbs.

Sober afterthought: this was a windstorm, but it wasn't that bad of a storm. Yet, I hear we had over 100 separate outages here in Palookaville alone. How would we fare in a real storm? I suspect it means we have some infrastructure issues.

Update: well, all over for us, maybe, but our buds two miles north still don't have their lights on. And the radio tells us that some folks around here won't have lights until the middle of next week. Meanwhile, more rain coming (though this time, without wind). And the ground is already saturated...

Light afterthought: did I really say "ice box"? Yes, apparently I did. Shows my age, I guess. But hey, what doesn't?

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