Monday, August 02, 2010


Underbelly's Wichita bureau puzzles over the word "densification" (in a report on biofuels).

"Denisification."  Is it a Palinism?  No, apparently not; a bit of web research indicates it has a respectable  prehistory (trans.: 740,000 Google hits).   On the other hand, language is a supple thing; I suppose one should feel free to make arch comments about the increasing densification of the American electorate.  Or should tht be "flabbification?"  Or can one be densified and flabbified at the same time?

My former wife (the other Mrs. B?) who was a bit of a word freak, used to argue that "flabbergasted" meant  that you were full of flabbergas.  I don't think she had any respectable authority for that one, but I always kinda wanted her to be right anyway.

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