Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Rattner Explains Why He Is a Democrat

In his brisk, entertaining and highly informative account of his work as don't-call-him-a "Car Czar," Steve Rattner has kind words for Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee, whom Rattner found hard-working, conscientious and constructive--unlike others on Capitol Hill, not of all whom Rattner names.  Making piece after a tiff over a sangria-fueled dinner one night,
Corker asked me, "You seem like such a sensible fellow, why are you a Democrat?"  "Three main reasons," I said, ticking off my views that Republicans had favored the rich at a time of growing ine3quality, abandoned fiscal responsibility, and held unfortunate positions on social issues such as woman's right to choose abortion.
It's an interesting list and I'd take it for starters.  I wonder how he feels about Guantanamo, torture and wars of choice.  

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Anonymous said...

Well, considering what Democrats have done on the whole (Guantanamo still endlessly open, no prosecutions on torture, and 2011 now equals 2014), I don't know if I'd bother asking.