Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Walter Russell Mead has Obama's Number
(No, Not the Blackberry)

I sometimes think I am the only person in America who (a) voted for Obama; and (b) probably would voted for him again; and (c) is  not disappointed in him because (d) I never expected that much from him in the first place.    So I can sign on to almost every word that Walter Russell Mead says here.   I particularly like his send-up of "smart, well-credentialed liberal wonks."
  Give us more power because we understand the world better than you do, was the message.  We are so smart, so well-credentialed, so careful to read all the best papers by all the certified experts that the recommendations we make and the regulations we write, however outlandish and burdensome they look to all you non-experts out there, are certain to work.  Trust us because we are always right, and only fools and charlatans would be so stupid as to disagree.
Buce and Mead, populist yahoos together; at least I am in good company.

Afterthought: This is as good a place as any to reference Kip's Law:
“Every advocate of central planning always — always — envisions himself as the central planner.”
Update:  Spelled his name wrong three times in the original.  Sorry.

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