Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beware #38-2047-008

"Some assembly required" warning:  coffee table #38-0247-008 from American Furniture Alliance--the table is okay, but the assembly instructions made the quarter finals in the East Asian hardware fiction stakes.   The bolt holes where you are supposed to secure the legs--they are dead ends, and the receptors are too tight for the barrel nuts.  By contrast you set the bolts in four entirely different holes that don't show on the specs.  It works once you figure that for yourself, and following the obligatory trip to the hardware store for the 10-cent barrel nut, now ensconced for eternity in the wrong hole.

How these people expect to become the currency of last resort when they can't even identify the bolt holes right is beyond me. Table seems okay, though.  A bit heavy, but now I have one more place to dump stuff.


Anonymous said...

But does it wobble on three legs?

Anonymous said...

go to yard sales, so called estate sales, you'll sometimes find furniture made of real wood, assembled long ago, you can check the wobble if any.