Sunday, January 23, 2011

Eh, You Only Live Once...

Onion News Network (H/T John) reports:
A recent poll shows 62% of Americans say they don't want to vote for Palin, but kinda just have to see what would happen.  
Makes me think of 1979 when I was visiting at the University of Texas.  One of my colleagues-I forget his name--was as nice guy, good company but somewhat to the right of Ivanhoe.  The topic arose, who would the Republicans nominate in '80?  By way of outreach I suggested--how about John Connally?

Somewhat to my surprise, my pal hesitated.  "He'd be an interesting President," he said at last. "For another country.  A small country.  Like Belgium.  With no nukes." 

Lyndon Johnson used to say that he was afraid of John Connally.  Wonder what Mitt Romney thinks of Sarah Palin.

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