Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Go Stuff This in your RSS

Felix likes feeds:

[I]f I were hiring, the first thing I’d look at would be the prospective employee’s Twitter feed. What are they linking to? What are they reading? If they’re linking to great stuff from a disparate range of sources, if they’re following smart people on Twitter, if they’re engaged in the conversation — that’s hugely valuable. More valuable, in fact, than being able to put together an artfully-constructed lede.
Link.   But confession, I don't have a Twitter feed. Am I overdue?

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Ken Houghton said...

"I don't have a Twitter feed. Am I overdue?"

Yes, on the basic grounds that anyone who adopts a "tech" app later than I do is joining the party long after the entertainment has peaked.

That said, it's certainly a journalist's perspective that drives Felix's dictum. I've cut back on Twitter use severely, largely because (1) there's already too much to consume being generated there (the "conversation"; just following Mark Thoma's links in a given day is exhausting ) and (2) anything I produce is auto-tweeted by the angrybearecon (or, in my case, slothbear).

Twitter is more useful (from a making-one-more-productive POV) for generalists and when concentrating on a time-critical event (from killing OBL to the UEFA Championship or DSK buggering a random woman).

In short, it's great for journalists and to show peers what you're doing. Otherwise, we don't call mobile phones "consumer electronics" for nothing.

You, being more productive, would be rewarded by joining the Twitterverse--higher visibility, better comments, etc. And it requires a very marginal effort.