Wednesday, June 08, 2011

There'll Be an App for That

Garance Franke-Ruta writes (in The Atlantic):

Heck, after Weiner, I'll bet more men take up the practice of sending photos to women than are scared off by his example. 
Very likely, with the qualifier that the practice surely isn't all that new.  What I hear, it was fairly common back in a simpler time for the knuckle-dusters down at the watering hole to snap Polaroids of their tackle and ship them off to selected friends--perhaps as a guessing game, with valuable prizes (to my everlasting sorrow, I was never invited to participate).  Chances are the recipients were the same ones who livened up the office Christmas party by Xeroxing their butts.

Note that I succeeded in getting two brand names into the previous paragraph, tagging this as a kind of technology story.  Which suggests that somebody, somewhere, even now as we speak, is trying to figure out a way to monetize The Anthony and repackage (heh!) it as--as what?  A computer game?  An alternate reality?  An aggegator?   Yes, an aggregator sounds like just the thing.  Think about it.  No, don't bother, someone is doing that for you.

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dilbert dogbert said...

Back in High School (early 1950's) during a night of quaffing beer one of my friends took a leak and I snapped a photo of him. He was astoundingly endowed. I gave him the photo. Next day at school I noticed him showing his girlfriends the photo. I was somewhat taken aback.