Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Warning: Don't Install Firefox Five

Or at least not before you check out threads like this: link, link.

It's slo-o-o-o-ow.  I mean we're talkin' Soviet-bureaucrat slow, cold-molasses-running-uphill slow.  Like type-in-a-command-and-go-make-yourself-a-cup-of-coffee--and-come-back-and-watch-it-execute slow.

Or it is for me.  My friend Daniel says he has put it on several machines without problems, but those comment threads cited above convince me that I am not alone.

While I am whining--my two-month-old Iphone is reporting "microphone not found."  Again, a check of comment threads makes me believe that I am not alone; also that there is no easy solution that does not involve $$$.  And you have no idea how many people think it is funny to say "solution: go and find microphone."  A real knee-slapper.

Update:  Thanks for many helpful comments, public and private.  I did solve my mike problem, in the  most old-fashioned way:--by deleting and reinstalling.  Would be a nuisance to do that every time, though.  Re Firefox, I guess I have to acknowledge that not everyone has my problem, but apparently many do.  I have to laugh at the suggestion that I solve it by getting rid of add-ons--aren't add-ons supposed to reduce performance, not inpair it?  Anyway, I checked a list of the most bloating addons and I have none of them. So for the moment, despite years of commitment, I'm dumping ol' FF for the younger and more supple Chrome.


Anonymous said...

Most common reason for iPhone mic problem is simply that another app is using the mic, and that this other app has not been closed

So try force-quitting other apps

Anonymous said...

If that doesn't work, make an appt to have it checked out at the local Apple store. Apple tends to provide excellent onsite service for products within warranty.

Rotwang said...

Chrome, bro'. Faster than FF or IE.