Friday, August 12, 2011

On the Face of things, Absurd...

A society in Germany which advises on etiquette and social behaviour has called for kissing to be banned in the workplace.

The Knigge Society says the practice of greeting colleagues and business partners with a kiss on the cheek is uncomfortable for many Germans.

The society's chairman, Hans-Michael Klein, says he has received concerned emails from workers on the issue.

He advises people in the workplace to stick to the traditional handshake. ...

He said there is, in Europe, a "social distance zone" of 60cm (23in) which should be observed.

The Knigge Society, named after a German guide to good manners, is based in a castle 80km (50 miles) from Dortmund in western Germany.

It has reportedly previously ruled on the correct way to end a relationship via text message, and how to deal with a runny nose in public.

Link. Bruce is skeptical as to the story's authenticity. "A real German," he says, "would compute the correct social distance to millimeters." On implications for European integration, go here. For more on German social norms, John points us to Mozart:

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