Sunday, November 27, 2011

In Short, I Blame Ron Paul

The Wichita Bureau is enjoying some good clean hilarity this morning over a septic tank fraud--two guys who are facing up to twenty years' hard time for hornswoggling gullible customers into buying up to 70 years' supply of "special toilet paper."   Their angle: the government is making you do it.  New rules require a special product.

I suppose I am making too much of this, but may we not read this as another instance of the prevailing paranoia?  I mean, in the sense that there is no idea too weird or far-fetched or downright silly to be believed,  so long as you can get the mark to accept that it is the fault of some pin-head in Washington?  Once we've got the bureaucrats in the cross-hairs, then all, ahem, crap detectors go into sleep mode?

Reminds me of my long-ago-friend Rick who blamed the absence of a domestic revolutionary tradition on the low quality of prison toilet paper: thin, insipid tissue no good for memorializing your manifesto.  Stow these guys with some of their own product and maybe they can start a whole new, you know, movement.  Heh.   

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