Sunday, November 27, 2011

"That One, Out!"

This just in, folks--Newt Gingrich has an idea:
...a “citizen review” process that would put ordinary citizens on juries to decide whether individual illegal immigrants should be granted legal status or deported.
Well for once, ol' Newtie is singing music to my ears.  For years I've thought we ought to have a scheme at the law school where every professor got three peremptory challenges, such that, as a student pranced down the commencement gangway, you could holler "that one, out!"--and a trap door would open and the offender would tumble to oblivion, or more narrowly, just never to be seen or heard again.  It;'s a bit like the British Navy or interestate concealed carry: just letting folks know you have the power will win a lot of arguments, and you won't have to use the device all that much.

My only limitation is that (as is so often the case) Newt is being to cautious.  I'd to have the rule apply to the entire neighborhood: every year, we'd get together and vote folks off the island.   Or maybe we could just have a lottery,and the loser gets stoned to death.  Oh, you say it's been tried

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