Saturday, February 18, 2012


On my 40th birthday, I ran from no. 33, Regents Park Road (London--right next to the canal) up to the top of Hampstead Heath and back. I congratulated myself and marveled at my persistence in the face of onrushing senescence.

That was 36 years ago today. People who are eligible for the presidency were not born then.

Seventy-six. Also the atomic number of Osmium, "employed in fountain pen tips, electrical contacts, and other applications where extreme durability and hardness are needed."   

We will celebrate with sweet treats, revelry and random gunfire.


Lise said...

I find it amusing that your son took up running at about the same age you did. In the creeping realization that we often do, in fact, turn into our parents, he is well-aware that he's pretty fortunate in that regard. Happy birthday, Jack. 76 Trombones indeed.

Dave said...

And I neglected to call you. Happy birthday, and may you have exactly as many more as you desire.