Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Great Moments in Quasi-hyperbolic Approximation
(Oh, Khalilah, Khalilah)

The thing I wonder about this is

Fake Parking Pass Costs City Planner $6,500 and Her Job

Did she ever think for one minute that she would get away with it? Or that she would keep her  job if she got caught?  And how did she get through the day not paralyzed with fear that sooner or later the boom was going to drop?


Ebenezer Scrooge said...

Palookaville must be very much unlike New York. There is a parking aristocracy in Gotham, and many people seek to join it. The easiest path to membership is joining the NYPD, which grants something resembling total immunity, even for cops' private vehicles. (Brave is the meter maid, of either gender, who dares ticket a cop's car.) Cops are not the only ones who use homebrew placards, but theirs are the most effective.
There are many other forms of self-help. Vanity tags such as "Id10t" are common, with the owners hoping that the meter maid will not notice the alphameric substitutions. The Hasids have many ingenious defenses, all of which are undercut by a Monsey postmark. Etcetera.

Buce said...

Funny you should say. Back in the 90s I spent a happy six months in an apartment on 10th just west of Hudson in Greenwich Village. The very first thing my landlady told me was not even to think about violating a parking rule anywhere in the neighborhood because the Sixth Precinct was right across the street and they took it as given that all parking privileges belonged to them.

But if the pointyheaded, polyestered, pocketprotected, pleatedpants planners believe they are in the same league as the worthy hoplites decked out in 65k of cool TSA combat togs--why then, yes, Palookaville is indeed a long way from Manhattan.