Sunday, July 22, 2012

Clarity of Vision is not Easy
When You are Peering Out of a Garage Elevator

Apologies for beating a dead horse to death but it just now sunk into me, the real reason why Romney isn't letting loose of his tax returns.  It's not all the corrupt and mendacious horseplay he (or his accountants on his behalf) have engaged in all these years.   Well, maybe there is corrupt and mendacious horseplay but that's really not what bothers him.

 Rather, Romney isn't releasing the returns because he doesn't want to.

I mean consider, for Pete's sake. He is rich, you are not.  He is a job-creator,  you are--I don't know\, whatever you are.  He just doesn't understand why a captain of finance industry ought to have to waste his time explaining stuff to a guy who spends his time--what is it that you do,anyway, keep pigs? Anyway, it is the same sentiment that made Donald Trump believe he could campaign with rubber gloves on. 

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mike shupp said...

My thought's a bit more cynical-- what sort of tithe was former Bishop Romney giving the Mormon church in those years when his income "for tax purposes" was zero? I.e., perhaps the issue is not how you or I might react to his income protection but how other Mormons would react