Thursday, July 12, 2012

Health Care Explained

There, that about gets it:
Much of the white population remains convinced that what BHO and the Democrats did in the ACA was to; divest most whites of their existing health care and force them into insurance pools that they do not want, cut the Medicare Advantage programs that whites love, cut the growth of Medicare by at least $500 billion, establish "taxes" for those who do not choose to have health insurance but who could afford it, subsidize "pool" membership for people who can pay part of health insurance but not all (read mostly minorities in white minds) and then axpand Medicaid for those who can't pay at all (more of the same in white minds).  Most white people believe that they will end up paying for all this.   One must remember that most low income people in the US pay no income tax at all.   This attitude does not apply in the minds of the "Morning Joe" crowd in New York City, LA, etc.  They are filled with righteous satisfaction for the poor and righteous indignation against the white middle class in flownover America.
So Turcopiler. Follow the link to let him show you how the NAACP let itself get gamed.  Oh, and there's this.

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