Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sachs v Krugman+DeLong (+Waldmann)

On issues of development econ, I've never been that big of a Jeff Sachs fan; I lean more towards Team Easterly myself.  On macro issues, I tend to think Paul Krugman is more right than wrong, with the large qualification that a lot of Krugman stuff is above my paygrade, and I'd be glad to be able to test it against some intelligent criticism.  But there's the catch, don't you see: so much criticism of Krugman seems to me to be shallow partisanship, not worth taking seriously (unless, of course, your primary purpose is political gaming).  Sachs and Easterly: at least they have each other.

Which is why I'm pleased to spotlight Sachs' critique of Krugman, set forth here. (good comments, too). He may not be right but at least he's got the right agenda: the target is recognizable, not just some caricature.*  DeLong offers a helpful rebuttal, helpfully non-shrill by DeLong standards.  Krugman also weighs in, though not at length.
*Robert Waldmann, snorting into his coffee, takes a different view.

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