Monday, September 24, 2012

Best Coquille St. Jacques Ever

[aka scallops on a stick]:

The Tavel rosé was pretty wonderful, too. I modify my earlier remarks about Belgian cooking.  Does the name mean "blink of an eye?"

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The New York Crank said...

Belgian cooking out-Frenches the French and is probably creating a panic in Lyon. The Walloon were never a slouch when it came to the kitchen.

But the sheer complexity of this restaurant's dishes suggests a can-you-top-this mentality. For example, from their menu:

"Bavarois de tomates mûres au chèvre frais sur julienne de fenouil à l’huile d’olive 16"

Putting aside the proposition that 16 (Euros I assume) is a hell of a price to pay for a starter, what the hell ever happened to simple dishes like moules pommes frites?

Somehow this restaurant's menu reminds me of a gag recipe for "anchovie a la elephant":

Take an anchovy. Stuff it in an olive. Dip the olive in peppered olive oil and stick the olive in a fig. Marinate the fig in sauce a 'lorange and stuff the fig into the body cavity of a quail. Add salt, pepper, and a coating of the juice of two garlic cloves. Then stuff the quail into a chicken. Stuff the chicken into a suckling pig. Stuff the pig into the carcass of an elephant. Roast the elephant over a low open flame on a spit for 42 hours.

Then throw away the elephant. Throw away the suckling pig,. Throw away the chicken. Throw away the quail. Carefully remove the olive from the fig and mince the fig for a garniture. Remove the anchovy from the olive and serve.

The New York Crank