Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Banker's Wardrobe

I have a question arising from two topics on which I am massively unqualified to comment, i.e., (s) men's fashion and (b) Belgian central banking

Anyway, you remember that museum of money of which I wrote the other day?  At the  main gate there is a welcome video by the Governor of the National Bank of Belgium.  Evidently he does it in three different languages, although I only listened to one.

But here's the thing: his suit doesn't fit. It is properly banker-grey and I am not schooled enough to tell the quality of the fabric, but it is a little uneven and hangs a little wrong.

Question, does this prove
a)  He is a lousy central banker; or
b)  Belgium is a third-world backwater; or
c)  He is a shrewd guy who knows you do  not want your banker to look too slick.
I hear that most congressmen wear bad suits because they do not want to appear better dressed than their constituents.

I wonder if the Belgian bank governor rides a bike to work.  Lots of people do here.

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