Thursday, October 04, 2012

More Brussels Propaganda

Here's another one from that Belgian history museum. Again we're talkin' about I think 1943, and the Germans are on hand in full force.  "Voici les Soviets"--as in "here's what you get,  folks."   I assume that is Barack Obama some filthy Bolshevik front and center, with "Mr. Jew" lurking in his shadow.  Be interesting to know how much proto- and crypto-Naziism there was in wartime Belgian.  I gather tht the Vlaams (=Dutch) speaking northerners generated a fair amount of bullyboy natioinalism in the 30s, as part  of their campaign to get out from under the disdain of the French southerners.

Come to think of it, forget Obama: this wouldn't make a bad John Sununu either.

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