Saturday, November 10, 2012

DG Myers Learns the Meaning of "Conservartive"

I see that the cranky, quirky but compulsively readable literary blogger D. G. Myers has been canned by the good folks at Commentary. It seems because he defended gay marriage, although his wife offers the more general observation that he  "never learned how to play the game" (did she mean that as a compliment?). He thus joins David Frum, Bruce Bartlett, and the small klatch of others who are doing what they can to make conservatism interesting again.  I can't say I endorse all of what Myers writes (silly statement), maybe not even very much of it.  But he's unfailingly an engaged and active reader, one who turns reading into a moral act.  Mainstream conservatism just got a bit duller (if you can imagine such a thing) and the cabal in exile just took on a brighter glow.  I have to confess I don't feel a bit sorry for this guy: he's as smart and interesting as he was yesterday and he will surely find another platform, if nothing more than the personal blog he had before.  If there is anybody for whom to feel sorry, it is the boneheads who let him go.


Anonymous said...

He wasn't let go because of his views on gay marriage. Indeed, Commentary published a blog post he wrote a day earlier making the same argument for gay marriage, and John Podhoretz, Commentary's editor-in-chief, is a gay marriage supporter:

The issue wasn't the content, but Myers' insubordination.

Anonymous said...

Makes a good cover story, doesn't it?