Monday, March 04, 2013


Last summer I speculated:
I'm one of the many who thinks that Facebook is walking dead--that once the kids figure out they are sharing space with their grandparents, they'll stampede the exits.

Link.  Ha, now this.


dilbert dogbert said...

Asked the daughter why she didn't post on Facebook anymore. The short ans: FB is yesterday.

Taxmom said...

My teens still use FB. They know it's their sanitized public presentation. Who knows what else they use that they don't want grandparents to see. I asked my 17 yo if he used snapchat, and he rolled his eyes. Then he said, "it's the number one app for sexting, you know." I told him, I didn't know what depressed me more, that factoid, or the fact that he was the one who shared that factoid with me.

YT said...

Ladies & gents, even yours truly have a hard time talkin' to the "young 'uns" (& I'm just 34+ yrs. of age!)

It's just they ain't into "ol' school" reading no more.


All I can say is... patience.