Thursday, July 05, 2012

The End of Facebook: What if it was Yesterday?

Item: a while back, my son and daughter-in-law were houseparents in a school for junior high kids (think about it).  The grownups would settle down for the night at 11, secure in the knowledge that the little angels were safely tucked away.  Took a while before they realized that the little devils were getting up again at midnight and partying until whenever.

Item: I'm one of the many who thinks that Facebook is walking dead--that once the kids figure out they are sharing space with their grandparents, they'll stampede the exits.

Bear with me, there's a sequitur here.  Specifically: what if the great migration has already happened--that the kids are already happily disporting themselves in their own unmonitored saturnalia, and that the so-called Facebook is just a front, a cover, a Potemkin village  constructed to deceive all those clueless grandparently stalkers?  Welcome to anti-matter!  It's our world and you only think you live in it!

1 comment:

YT said...

Sounds like a script for the Twilight Zone, sir.

What's wrong with sharing something with Granpas & Grandmas?

Oh wait....I ain't that young either.