Friday, June 14, 2013

Damn, I Forgot to Tell Them That ...

Lifehacker has up a piece of feelgood nostalgia about advice from dads.  But it could just as well  serve as a checklist of advice to dads as to just exactly what they should pass on.  Children, did I remember to tell you that "Highways going N/S are odd numbered and E/W are even numbered"--?  Or that "If you want a pair of diamond earrings, win them in a poker game!"  Or the best so far: kill silently, and without any evidence, stab the kidney with a large ice sickle. The pain is so intense that normally the victim cannot scream and bleeds-out quickly, and the weapon eventually melts and evaporates!
And the beauty part is that apparently you do not need to be in the Arctic to, ahem, execute the execution.  Turns out that a good thermos will keep the weapon in order for several hours.

Have I overlooked anything important?

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