Sunday, January 26, 2014

Are You Ready for Teddy?

Joel suggests that the Davos powwow is Ted Talks for rich guys.  Maybe, but I thought Davos was about exchanging business cards and schmoozing--and that listening to talks (you could arrange it through YouTube) was merely the maguffin.  Like speed-dating.

Joel offers a riposte: remember Grossinger's, the crown jewel of the Borscht Belt vacation hotel circuit.  Joel reports that on "singles weekends," Minnie Grossinger deliberately short-staffed the check-in desk so the queues would build up and people would have to schmooze.  So, Davos as Grossinger's writ large.

At least I guess.  I've never been to Davos.  Or Grossinger's. Anyway, Grossinger's went bankrupt. 

And now that I think of it, I have never successfully completed listening to a Ted Talk.

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