Sunday, January 26, 2014

Little Propane Tank in the Big Woods

The Wichita Bureau transmits an update from the local stringer up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin:
Well, the Governor declared a state of emergency in WI on Saturday night:  All of the counties and townships are setting up warming places for those who are running out of Propane and/or money.  In September the cost was $1.40/unit, by last Thursday it had risen to $3.50/ unit in EC, on Friday it went to $4.50/unit, and today it went up over five dollars.  We have a real bad week coming and it is going to be interesting.
Wichita grumbles in response: "My suggestion was to burn Republicans – they’re in oversupply"  But to be fair, he has to spend his days in the free state of Sam Brownback.
Update:  Wichita adds:
Trans-Canada pipeline blew up last night near Winnipeg. Going to be mighty cold. Gas company calling people in EC to turn down temps in house one at a time. 
Nostalgia Note:  Mrs. Buce began her professional career in Eau Claire.  She likes to tell stories about driving to work on tires that had frozen to the pavement. Ka THUMP ka THUMP.

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