Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Guess Who

Bet you can:
[A] hurried fasolada. Nassim Taleb, Steve Jobs, Malcolm Gladwell, David Brooks, Rumi, Harvard professor, Northwestern University. “As physicist Paul Davies wrote in Scientific American,” the Slow Food movement, The Sound and the Fury, “Whether it’s CollegeHumor teaming up with Malaria No More . . .”; Elon Musk and Kurt Vonnegut. “Joan Halifax is a Zen Buddhist priest, anthropologist, and hospice worker.” Places she has visited include Pompeii, Tokyo, Shantiniketan, Munich, South Central Los Angeles, and “a small village on the island of Rhodes.”
Somehow I thought Shantiniketan was an alternative high school in Hartford CN. Wait, maybe it is.  Anyway, if you have a strong stomach, go here.


marcel said...

check the link.

Buce said...

Thanks. Corrected, I think. Are you my only reader? Lonely, eh?

Anonymous said...

No, at least one more.