Thursday, April 03, 2014

Welcome to the World, Madam CEO

The subject is GM CEO Mary Barra and the public bullying she endured in the Senate committee hearing at the hands of Claire McCaskill and Kelly Ayotte.  Am I the only one to find this a festival of grandstanding cheap shots, right out of the gospel according to Darrell Issa?  I mean--actually for all I know she is guilty as hell, her fingerprints all over those dodgy ignition switches.  But I  can't say for sure and neither can the ladies from the world's most august debating club.  Anything else is just playing for the peanut gallery,  one thing--perhaps the only thing--our Congress does really well.

I wonder, does this prove

--Women can be just as nasty perhaps nastier, to (other) women than men can.

Or perhaps:

--When you want to beat up on a woman, send women.  Otherwise you just look idiotic, like Arlen Specter when he tried to shake down Anita Hill.

This way, I guess it just looks like a lesbian prison flic.


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