Wednesday, June 09, 2010

No Joke: More on Polish Cooking

More evidence that Polish food is not a Polish joke: Raraka. Cut potato thin on your mandolin. Salt it down to leach out the moisture. Skillet-fry it into a pizza-style pancake (maybe add some ground pepper). Top it with lumps of (a) salmon roe (or, hey, beluga); (b) sour cream; and ( c) chopped onion. Wrap little bits of the goodies into slices of pancake. Again, yum.

Inspiration: the Restauracja Szara on the Old Town Square in Cracow. Mushroom soup was good, too, if a bit salty. But then, the mushroom soup is good almost every place here, and they say it isn't even the season.

Cooking fact: they say that the Poles got cabbage from the Italians in the 16th Century (same time they go Leonardo's Lady with an Ermine), and that the cabbage improved the quality of Polish cuisine,. Query, what must Polish cuisine been like before cabbage? Is this a rework of the old joke about the politician who went from Palookaville to Washington and raised the intelligence level of both places?

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